Asma Jabri

Sawsan's Pain Perdu

Ever had stale bread by the end of the week lying around and you're never sure what to do with it? This delicious, warm, comforting dish is the ultimate indulgent meal that you can easily make at home! It's a lighter version of the all-time favorite Pain Perdu, with a loving Lebanese mother's twist!

It's Sawsan's famous dish that her children and family long for when times get tough and all they need is a sweet, warm, ooey, gooey meal- perfect for blues!

All she does is gather stale bread (i.e. dry and hard, not expired!) some low or non-fat milk, a dash of sugar (cinnamon also gives it a nice kick) and lots of love! Soak the bread preferably overnight & bake the next day! Right before placing in warm, hot oven, add a few butter cubes all around to get that golden crispy top just like in the picture!

What makes it the utmost Lebanese dish? Once baked, finish the marvelous creation with some low sugar or sugar-free "katr" syrup & enjoy!

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