Our Services

Our center provides meal plans that are customized to help you feel better and look great

  • Plans and packages : You can CLICK HERE to view our plans and packages
  • Dietitians: You can also book a consultation session with our dietitians for nutrition assessment and follow-ups.
  • Inbody: You can book your inbody-test session to know more about your body composition of fat mass and muscle mass
  • Retail shop: You can order healthy, low calories, low sugar items from our retail shop -Diet Shop- and customize your order (no salt, diabetic, ..) a day before Try Now 

Delivery and Pick Ups are Available 
You can also find our products on toters delivery app


We also provide healthy lunch boxes for

  • Conferences
  • Exhibitions 
  • Schools
  • Medical symposiums
  • University activities
  • Films shooting  (video clips, advertisements etc.)
  • TV programs 

    Opening Hours:

    • Weekdays: 8 am till 2 PM 
    • Saturdays: 8 am till 1PM
    • Sundays we are OFF