All our programs include Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Side Salads, Fruit & Dessert.

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Diet Center Apple Simple Diet 

Its name says it all ! Simple & Delicious foods with a preset menu & a daily choice between two lunches! 


(Always Available)

Diet Center Apple Classic Diet

The classic diet is a perfect diet for many! If you want a highly customized menu, this diet is just for you! Whether you are a new mom that's adjusting to breastfeeding, a pregnant woman, or have irritable bowel syndrom, lactose intolerance... you name it!! This diet will not let you down, 3 meals and 2 snacks including 1 fruit to help you reach your goal! 

135,000LL/day (Additional Transportation Costs)

(Always Available)

Diet Center Apple Keto Diet 

The Keto healthy diet is a plan programmed to give you a minimal amount of carbohydrates up with adequate protein and fat from its healthy sources. The package includes breakfast, lunch, side salad, dinner, and dessert.

120,000LL/day (Additional Transportation Costs)

Consultation: (included in the price)

(Always Available)

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