J.R’s Journey at Diet Center

Abir Shehadeh

J.R’s Journey at Diet Center

I always struggled with my weight, ever since I was in high school. I would come home after class, and eat anything I could get my hands onto. I had no control over myself, I just knew that I wanted to eat, and once that took over my thoughts nothing could stop me.

“I tried for so long to lose weight on my own and the struggle is real… it’s much harder when you don’t have support from a professional.”

Is this is first time you visit a dietitian?

No, this was not my first time, I visited several dietitians over the past few years, I would always lose 2 or 3 kilos and then gain them back quickly afterwards. It was horrible because I knew I wanted to lose weight, but it was just not happening. 

What was the first step for you at losing those 15 kg?

The first step for me, and what I would advise anybody really who’s looking into starting a diet is the mindset. 

For me before I began, I did a small research on the kind of dietitian I was looking for, how successful were the results from her clinic, what are the kind of programs she offers, and how much it would cost me. I would say an essential part I particularly focused on during my research was, the type of programs or diets that are offered and the cost. Simply put, I wanted results, and I knew this would be a long process so I needed a system that would be sustainable for months. 

Personally, I had a choice between Diet Center and other places, in the end I chose Diet Center because although I knew I could get a diet from somewhere else that would be more suitable for me, the flexibility, variety and support at Diet Center was on another level. 

How was the first day for you at the Clinic?

The first day was scary; I was nervous. I remember apologizing to the dietitian because my palms were sweaty, and then verbalizing that I was nervous. I apologized again for no reason. Weighing myself and reading that value with the dietitian on the scale… reality hits you. 

At home, I would weigh myself and then tell myself, that of course this isn’t all fat and muscle weight, there must be water retention there somewhere. I would create excuses for myself like: oh, it’s okay I just ate it’s normal! 

I remember the dietitian explaining to me how my weight was dangerous for my wellbeing and how I should lose at least 10kg to begin setting myself on the right path. She explained to me the kind of diet that I would have to abide by to lose those kilos, I remember thinking that this was not what I expected. 

I expected rice cakes, zero fat Labneh and cheese, salads all day, but as she explained I realized that this is so far away from what I had imagined. I found that my diet could include sweets in the right portions and quantities, I could eat my favorite dish at home. My mom can still make me Mloukhiye, or riz b Foul. I was honestly relieved! 

And then what happened?

I went home and told my mother the news, she told me I am ready to help you, and let me set a reminder on my phone that your appointment will be next week with the dietitian. 

How was your journey like when you were home?

The first three days were the WORST! I struggled so much. I would eat the portions that were given to me by the dietitian, the snacks that were allowed, the fruit quantity that was allowed. I felt anxious because I was so used to eating way more than what I was having, my body was tired and so was my mind. 

Somewhere inside my brain, a little voice told me I should stick to it, it’s a phase and it will pass. My health is more important than my cravings, I want to have the body I always dreamt of. If I break my diet, I will not only disappoint myself but also my mother, and then what would happen next week when I go to weigh in, reality will hit me like the very first time. 

I told myself no. 



Cake? Maybe a little… 

Then, no again. 

What about your follow up? 

When I walked in for my follow up, I remember the dietitian saw me and she was shocked apparently I had already looked so different from the previous week, I just had no idea. 

I told her, Mom thinks I lost about 3 kilos this week, I believe they’re 2 kilos.

When I hopped onto the scale, I remember seeing how I had lost 5 kilos and I was SHOCKED!

The dietitian was shocked, I was shocked! We were all so happy though… but this just shows how much I had been eating in excess prior to diet. 

What is one piece of advice you would give people who are thinking of starting a diet?

I would tell them that the diet starts from you and your mindset before it starts in the clinic. You need to push yourself, you need to resist, you have to be determined and remember that this is for you and nobody else. 

I would tell them to get as much support, from people around them, as possible. This is crucial for the progression of diet. 

I would tell them not to be shy, ask questions in the clinic, ask for the dietitians work number or phone number so you could speak to her should you need help. 

Support helped me through my journey and helped me lose the weight. 

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