Good News Pasta Lovers!

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Good News Pasta Lovers!

Pasta doesn’t contribute to weight gain, according to recent research!

Whenever we're about to start a diet, we think about how hard it'll be to kiss our favorite foods goodbye! A misconception many have is exactly that. In fact, you never have to give up anything you like: the idea is to adopt a lifestyle change that's long term & sustainable. After all, life is about enjoying experiences & food is definitely one of them!

We at the Diet Center believe in giving our favorite meals healthy twists: whether that's decreasing the amount of sugar in the recipe, swapping white carbs for whole wheat or using low fat dairy products etc. Just like the saying goes: "moderation is key!" People often steer away from carbohydrates while on their diets, but we'll explain in another post why that's actually quite harmful. Going back to our pasta lovers, here's our news for you!

A meta-analysis conducted at the St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto shows promising results! Apparently, if you consume an overall low-glycemic index diet, i.e foods rich in fiber and carbohydrates that are low on the index*, you can enjoy about 3 servings (1/2 cup cooked) of pasta a week & still achieve weight loss! Mind boggling, right? Make sure to use whole wheat pasta whenever possible & go for fresh, low fat, preservative-free sauces, make your own or order some off our menu, delicious!

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*What's a Glycemic Index & what is the ranking of common foods? check out this article from Harvard Health

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