COVID-19 and your GUT

COVID-19 and your GUT

During the lockdown many of us are indylging on high sugar and fat snacks and foods, while in moderation it is okay, however it will be harming your gut microbiota.

What is gut microbiome? It is the microorganisms living in your intestines. They play a key role in your health such as immune system, digestion, and mental health. They are affected by your genetics, as well as environmental factors such as diet, medication, surgeries and stress.

When there is high microbiota diversity, it was shown to be associated with health benefits. However, a low microbiota diversity (imbalance) it was shown to contribute to weight gain, high blood sugar, insulin resistance, low-grade inflammation, high cholesterol and other disorders.

Moreover, a recent study on COVID-19 patients found an association between this emerging virus and the gut. They suggested an association between the microbiota composition (imbalance in microbiota) and disease severity. Moreover, this imbalance continued after clearance of the virus from the body.

Changes to the gut microbiota can happen just few days after changing your diet days; therefore, avoid processed food, high fatty foods, high in refined sugar food.

To promote the growth of healthy gut, include the following food in your diet:
- High fiber food: whole grain,vegetables, fruits, legumes and beans
- Fermented food: yoghurt, and kefir
- Prebiotics and probiotics promote the growth of beneficial bacteria and improve microbiota function

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